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  • Marine Science Bulletin is a periodical sponsored by National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS). It mainly reports the papers that have been published in domestic marine periodical Chinese version and the topics involve comprehensive report, fundamental research, oceanographic survey and environmental protection, etc. As a periodical reflecting the development orientation and level of China’s marine science and technology, it has actively carried out academic exchange with foreign oceanographic domain to provide services for flourishing China’s marine programs.
  • For the marine foreign periodical resources, more than 72000 foreign periodicals have been covered and the papers from 2010 to 2017 are collected. Involving over 200 foreign presses, the collection scope is as high as 90%; NSTL foreign periodical’s coverage rate reaches 99% and the total amount is 405648.
  • The marine foreign dissertations have covered bibliographies and abstracts of doctoral and master students from over 2000 European and American universities and the collection years are mainly from 1965-2017, with the total amount of 21252.
  • For the marine foreign conference papers, 52217 conferences sponsored by domestic and foreign institutions are covered and the collection years are mainly from 1975-2017; the coverage rate of NSTL foreign conference is 99% and the total amount is 82171.